and it starts

i like yarn

i like buying it

i like knitting and  crocheting,  but for some strange reason,  i  have more than enough yarn on hand for every conceivable project till the end of time.

what to do with all this lovely yarn?

3 bags full … well,  more like  4 and a half bags full…


deep heavy sigh

last week I  learned about  knit graffiti,  or as some call it  knit bombing.   its wonderful.

why i like knit graffiti:

1. no one complains about the size or colour choices

2. no patterns = no committment = its done when it feels like its done

3. there is always at least  one ball of yarn  screaming out to be used ASAP

4. it is  fun. so daring, so sneaky, so bad..   in a good kinda  fun way.



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