Art on trees….all the way from Canada

Art on trees….all the way from Canada.

I am reblogging this from  Knitayear blog.  I am so lucky to have an English friend who told me about the  Art on Trees project,  and who  was able to hang my little blue hearts on the trees for me!  Thank you so much.


Do you count sheep to help you sleep?

Watching this video has inspired me to knit a sheep….    of course,  now I have to find a pattern ….

Watch it now,  while I go searching for a pattern on ravelry!

How can I resist them?

and wow, there are tons of sheep toy patterns on ravely, and this one might be my favourite: Lamb Pattern

So, add to the list of things I must knit…

Funny Yarn Bombing News Report

I saw this report on yarn bombing on facebook, and just had to share it.  The guy should maybe consider an acting career!


I have started working on my next project…. a bit is knit so far,  but there is more planning to do.    So,  for now,  just know that something is in the works!



an aMAZ(E)ing video

an aMAZ(E)ing video.

You  just  must have a look at this   video of the Knitted Maze.  Actually   spend some time and look at all the pics of the maze posted at    A special nod of thanks  for sharing the pics and video!!

I love looking at the pics,  so colourful, and you really start to get a sense of how many people and how much time was invested in the maze.   I  loved hearing the audio on the video,   snippets of random conversations, admirers and knitters, excited to find their own piece of knitting.      There is also a nice picture and bit about Sophie, the  woman who arranged the whole thing.

So, here is a question…   is this  knit graffiti? a yarn bomb?    I don’t really know.  It is definitely knitting.  It is  art, and  public.  Definitely interactive.   What ever it is,  I like it.

The Knitted Maze Pictures

I am reposting from Knit A Year’s blog. She got up early, travelled for several hours on a train and then a bus to go to Saffron Walden to see the Knitted Maze in person. Check out the details on her blog. I am not sure which bit is her knitting, but I can see in this picture mine, so we have visual proof that the package arrived in time! (Yay UPS).

I also have to send a huge thank you to Sophie, who arranged the whole Knitted Maze… what a lot of work that must have been… and a lot of knitting too!

Here is a quick picture:

photo by Knit a Year, Knitted Maze Saffron Walden


by Keisha Peacebone

4400 miles to go

Calgary to London is about 4400 miles. That is such a long way to send this bit of knitting, but, I sent it. Now lets hope it gets there in time. Go UPS Go. Go UPS Go.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t realize it would be so hard to photograph approximately 9 meters of knitting goodness. LOL … however, the pictures do give you a bit of an idea of its lonnnnnng snakey shape, and a bit of the wild colours I used. Most of it is knit with 2 strands of acrylic yarn held together on JUMBO 12.75mm (US size 17) knitting needles.

As you can surely guess this is my almost too late contribution to the Knitted Maze, in the UK. If you have a chance to see it, please do, and take your camera. Among other exciting things, there will be about a mile of knitting, formed into a maze.

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