Flutterby ?

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I made this butterfly ring today, for fun, and for a weekly challenge at Ravelry. More about that later.
The pattern is here.


Too cute!

I have to do this.  You need to  enjoy this.

This is a picture from a cool blog called Can’t Survive on Yarn Alone

I love it.  I love the colour.  I love the message.  I love the blog.

Calgary Artbomber yarn bombs Halifax

The Calgary Artbomber strikes again, this time 3700 kms to the East, in Halifax. It looks like a very successful hit; I can see yarn bombs on a statue, a stop sign, a bench, a tree, posts, and even a rock. I can even see one of my pieces in Halifax Harbor. (yay)

There are twenty  cool yarn bomb pictures for you to enjoy,  but my favourite is this one:

Knit Graffiti in Halifax Harbor

Photo by Calgary Artbomber http://catmap.wordpress.com

This little green piece of knitting is chalking up an interesting graffiti experience. Originally, I knit it for the LiveStyle Urban Arts festival here in Calgary. It was, along with a few more woolly bits, sewed around a pole/cement base for awhile.

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Even though I can’t travel to Halifax, my graffiti did.
Even though I can’t travel to New Zealand, my graffiti did ( as part of the Woolly Walkalong)
Even though I can’t travel to the UK, my graffiti is going to! (not quite finished yet, but soon on its way to the Knitted Maze. (with the help of Canada Post)

Does this  qualify as adventure travel?

The Sheepdogs

This isn’t the kind of sheepdogs you would expect to read about on a knitting blog. Even an ‘alternative, yarn bombing, knit graffiti’ knitting blog. These are The Sheepdogs, a Canadian band from my hometown of Saskatoon, and they need your votes. (Plus, besides having a cool band name, they have a great sound)

The Sheepdogs

Vote for The Sheepdogs, if they win, they will be on the Cover of the The RollingStone.

I’ve been knitting on another pair of seemingly endless stripey wool socks. Music seems to help speed things along, or, maybe just distract me from getting out the measuring tape AGAIN.

Knit On, Rock On

Art Grows on Trees

Another fun project to get involved with! How can I resist? The title alone is enough to get me started. A blogger I have been following, ‘Knitayear‘ has kindly passed on this link: Art Grows on Trees

Do you want to grow some art with us?
Any local creative soul is very welcome to help us grow the art on the trees.

We will be hanging the art on
Saturday 3 September 2011, 10am
Saturday 10 September 2011, 10am
On both days, we will finish the hanging action with a morning coffee in a nearby cafe.

To help the healthy growth of the project, there will be a fun Tree Art Creation Day on Saturday 13 August 2011, at Flat 3, 1 Pretoria Avenue, London E17 7DS, starting at 11am – bring along any materials that might come in handy!

Looking forward to seeing you!
Dean, Wendy, Alban, Julie, Valeria, Katja etc

Contact katjarosenberg@hotmail.com

Now, what will I make?

Strange but true

1. Burra Storm, 2. Pag’s Chocolate Cake, 3. E.K.T.A.C.H.R.O.M.E, 4. Blue Jay Cyanocitta cristata, 5. JOHNNY DEPP, 6. Espresso coffee beans Addiction #2, 7. Ireland Saint Patrick’s Day, 8. peach pie 022 120 dpi, 9. Garden Glimpse, Mendocino Cafe, 10. serendipity, 11. Friday Fun Socks (day 81), 12. to use knitting lingo, I’m stash busting…

Usually when I see one of those ‘share something about yourself’ blog posts,  I  think  cute, but not for me.

For some strange reason today is different.   I  saw this very cool idea on Lily X. Su’s blog,   and had to  try it for myself.

Here’s how it works:

a. Type your answers to the questions below into the Flickr search.

b. Using only the first page, choose an image.

c. Copy and paste each of the pictures URL’s into FD’s Mosaic Maker.


1. What is your first name?    {Storm}

2. What is your favorite food?  {Chocolate Cake}

3. What High School did you go to? {E C H}

4. What is your favorite color?  {Blue}

5. Who is your celebrity crush?  {Johnny Depp}

6. What is your favorite drink?  {Espresso}

7. Where is your dream vacation?  {Ireland}

8. What is your favorite dessert?  {Peach Pie}

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?  {Gardener}

10. What do you love most in life?  {Serendipity}

11. One word that describes you.  {Fun}

12. What is your Flickr name? {since I haven’t posted anything to Flickr,  I am changing this question to:  What is your  favourite  hobby? <Knitting>}

Knitting for the Maze

So far,   with just a bit of  knitting now and then,  I have about  17 and a half  feet of colourful knitting for the  maze.  I am using  left overs and ‘why do I even have this?’ yarn on giant needles,   just knitting a  couple rows when I have a free moment.

Wouldn’t it be fun to  just pick knitting off a tree like ripe fruit?

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and,    the ‘stripey socks’   that I thought would never be done:

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