Anne Eunson’s artistry

This is a beautiful way to incorporate knitting into your environment. I wouldn’t call it knit graffiti at all, but it is very closely related. A garden fence knit out of twine. Simply beautiful!

Penguins in a Pear Tree

Penguin in a Pear Tree – Calgary Zoo


You might  recognize one of those  gold penguins as the one I knit  a month back…..  since then,  I also knit a black and white penguin, but he is not in the  zoo commercial.   These little guys are  fun, and  addictive.

Here is the  updated penguin pattern:  Muddles 


Glitter Penguin

Long story short, this I knit this sparkling golden penguin as part of a group penguin knitting project for the Zoo. I’ll share more details of the why, and how and when you can see the finished project. For now, just soak in all that sparkles.

Happy Thanksgiving! (and you thought I maybe there would be a knit Turkey!)

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Penguin pattern

Extreme Sheep Videos?

While I am on a bit of a sheep video kick, I just had to share the work of some Welsh farmers and their light up in the dark sheep! Extreme LED Sheep.

And, of course, how could I leave this one out?


Little Bo Beep or Mary Had a Little Lamb?

Pigeons Anyone? How about Bees?

The newest from StitchLondon; a book launch and a pigeon:

I will be looking for this book, and probably making a pigeon or two
myself. So cute, and probably not so messy! Proceeds from sales of the new book will go cancer research.

Actually, if I lived in London, I would join the StitchLondon knitting group. It sounds like a lot of wild and woolly fun.

Speaking of wild and woolly fun, it must be time for me to start working on a knit graffiti piece for Calgary. Its been a while since I put up anything locally. Hmmmm, what will it be?

What I have been doing is a lot of knitting, just not graffiti. Have you heard of the beekeeper’s quilt from TinyOwlKnits? Its wonderfully addictive. Watch at your own risk.

the beekeeper’s quilt from tinyowlknits on Vimeo.

Here are pictures of my growing pile of hexipuffs: (as you can now see, they like to get out and have fun!)

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Yarn Molester




Yarn Molester.  (read this if you have ever shopped for yarn)

I am blatantly reposting this  extreme post from   it is just too  funny/true.    Hmmm,   true and funny.   maybe scary as well.

I am sure all of you can relate,   and I for one, am going to my local yarn store,  Make One Yarn Studio today,  to ummm,   browse…  yah,  browse, with my fingers…              What I need to buy is  yarn for a sweater I promised my sister for Christmas.   What i am afraid I will buy is hand dyed sock yarn,  for my growing collection of  hand dyed sock yarn.  ( it is so soft and smooshy,  how can I resist?)

What I have been doing lately is knitting a pair of  colourful, soft and smooshy mitts.  I’ll post a picture  when finished,  which won’t be too long,   I am half way through the second mitten.


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