Calgary Knit Grafitti

The Calgary ArtBomber  strikes again. (in a woolly and wonderful way at the New Science Centre)

See it all  here.
I am happy to see some of the peices I knit last spring included in the display.

Creative Kids Museum - by Calgary ArtBomber

Regina yarn bombs

The Calgary Artbomber has tagged Regina!

Yarn Bombed Regina photo by Calgary Artbomber

It is so cool that these knitted bombs have been re-released! Those green beauties I knit so long ago were first put up in Calgary, at Olympic Plaza, but, because it was not to be a permanent placement, the Calgary Artbomber carefully took them down, and kept them in the top secret yarn bomb stash, to be sprung on the unsuspecting public in opportune moments, when and where they should they arise.

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You can see all the yarny goodness at Calgary Artbombers website