Uncommon Reader and the Uncommon Cat

so, here I was, trying to take an interesting picture of plain green 2/3 finished sweater, a bright red and very funny book (‘The Uncommon Reader’ by Alan Bennett) when along came a very uncommon AND funny cat, Pixie, to lend a hand paw.  Hmm,  this might be the start to a more interesting than usual Yarn Along post.

The sweater I have mentioned before, (its a secret) but the book is new to me, and my blog. Its one of the books I picked up at the last Book Crossing and coffee get together. The story is about what would happen if The Queen started, and got addicted to reading. Its cute, and a very fast read. (if only the sweater was a fast knit!)

While I was taking the picture… inside this time as it is pitch black outside now… Pixie meandered into the scene, moved the ball of yarn and sat down and posed. I kid you not. The cat wanted her picture taken.See for yourself.

I am not sure if she was more interested in the ball of yarn, or being at the center of attention…   either way, its funny.        Now, I am going to go back to reading,  and maybe knit another row or two on the sweater.   Don’t forget to check out Ginny’s  Yarn Along blog post, and follow the links to some of the other bloggers posts as well.

I just joined the  Work In Progress Wednesday group as well.  Please check them out here!