Word Spy definition of Yarn Bombing

Just to be sure of what we are doing, I checked the definition of yarn bombing:

n. The surreptitious or unauthorized placement of knitted objects on statues, posts, and other public structures.
yarn bomb v.
yarn bomber n.

Yarn bombing on the way to Prince’s Island

Pictures from last nights mischief.    Thankfully my daughter, with  Peacebone Photography is quick with her camera.   We were trying to be  ‘sneaky’, and it was getting  dark.

We released  4  yarn bombs,  two on  bench  armrests,  one on a  windmill, and  one on a bridge/fence.  Maybe  you will see them next time you are  on you way to  Prince’s Island.


Yarn bombing the cow bench

Yarn bombing the cow bench
The Cow Bench Cozy

The Cow Bench Cozy


It looks like the cows are having a close look at the ‘arm band’.

Tiny Tag on a hotel bench

Tiny Tag on a hotel bench

We had to be quick with this pretty little  piece of  yarn graffiti.  This bench is right in front of a busy hotel.  There were people coming and going,   but  no one seemed to give us much notice.

Red knitting on the  Windmill

Red knitting on the Windmill

Soft and Pink on Cold Hard Steel

Soft and Pink on Cold Hard Steel

Giraffe and Dinosaur Graffiti?

Giraffe cozy

Dinosaur cozy

I would love to see these in person,  but that would involve a fast trip to Amsterdam.  (sounds like fun, doesn’t it?)

Clicking on the pictures takes you to the  Amsterdam Zoo website,  and you can read all about it.


Lemurs & yarn! (via sakurasnow)

I saw this blog post by  sakurasnow to a yarn bombing at the Amsterdam Zoo and had to share it with you.
(I think the picture of the Giraffe statue is the best of all!)

Lemurs & yarn! In need of a little head-clearing R&R (away from work demands & deadlines), I popped out to visit my delightful neighbours… … and found Artis has been well and truly yarn-bombed! If you’re in Amsterdam and fancy a bit of yarn and lemur action (and, frankly, who wouldn’t) the knitting remains in place at Artis until 16 March. … Read More

via sakurasnow

Close Up View

yarn bombed bus stop bench


The  three  yarn bombs from   February are still in place.    Its time to do some more!

Bus Stop Bench Cozy

Bus Bench  Cozy

Bus Bench Cozy

More Calgary   yarn bombing,  from our  February mischief.

Bright Red Warm and Wooly

Red yarn bomb

Fence Cozy

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