Just a little knitting update

The  World Knit in Public Day was a blast;  even though it was a full wet day of rain.  We  stayed warm and  dry inside the Epcor Centre, in our own knitting room.    There were  over  30 knitters, coming and going,  some  picking up the sticks for their very first time.  One of the new knitters is also a reporter ,Indrani Kar and you can read her report of the event here.   Indrani even has a picture  of the  red cabled  knit bomb we  put up at  Olympic Plaza  during the LiveStyles event.

Funny thing about  the Knit in Public Day;  I thought I would be able to finish knitting a stripey sock I had started earlier.. but nope..  too much talking and  not enough knitting.. LOL.     Some of all that talking was actually planning  future  knit bombs!  Of course I can’t tell you yet,  but one of them is fairly short range, so you will see it yourselves soon enough.   The other  is a bigger (much bigger) project…..

The  Knit-A-Thon was even more fun.  I can say that because ‘lucky me’ won  2 fabulous door prizes,   however, despite my best knitting efforts,  the stripey sock still did not get finished. Our participant bags contained knitting needles from River John Needle Company, and I won yarn from Island Sweet Fibre Arts,  and Rocky Mountain Dye Works.  My daughter and I  knit our hearts out,  through several repeats of   ABBA’s greatest hits. 😉  Hopefully,  L’Arche  raised a ton of money, as  there seemed to be a good turn out for the event.

Last night, we drove past the school fence where I had put the  Check Mark knit bomb on Friday.  Its GONE.    That check mark has moved on to the next stage in its weird woolly life.  All we can do now is  make guesses as to what  happened to it.   And,    I worked on the stripey sock.  (actually,  I think I will finish it today!)

Besides working on  socks – 4 pairs finished since March, and  2  pairs in process,   I  am knitting some long long lonnnnnggggg  pieces to send to the Knitted Maze in the UK.  (see here)    If it stays sunny for more than a few  minutes,  I’ll take some pictures to post.  Wish me luck.

June 11 Knit in Public Day

So many fun things to do on June 11. I am sharing an invitation I received from a wonderful knitting artist friend. I will be there with my WIPs what ever they may be by then:


I would like to invite you to a free public event called Knit In Public Day. It will be held on Saturday, June 11th from 10 am – 6 pm at Olympic Plaza, behind the Famous Five statues (the rain day location is in the Epcor Centre, the arts learning room behind Baraka cafe). It is to celebrate the art of knitting and crochet and to build community.

The event is open to everyone – come and knit in public and meet fellow knitters! Supplies will be provided or bring your own.

Yarnbombing is unfortunately not allowed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it! It’ll be a great way to meet other yarnbombers too.

I’ve attached the poster, so feel free to print it out and distribute or send this out to your mailing list.


best regards,


local artist

Knit in Public Day - Calgary