Anne Eunson’s artistry

This is a beautiful way to incorporate knitting into your environment. I wouldn’t call it knit graffiti at all, but it is very closely related. A garden fence knit out of twine. Simply beautiful!

Penguins in a Pear Tree

Penguin in a Pear Tree – Calgary Zoo


You might  recognize one of those  gold penguins as the one I knit  a month back…..  since then,  I also knit a black and white penguin, but he is not in the  zoo commercial.   These little guys are  fun, and  addictive.

Here is the  updated penguin pattern:  Muddles 



I only found out about this today, who knew? I definitely LOVE YARN. I am surrounded by it, and still want more.  I knit every day.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a LOT.

I have my favourite yarns, and then I have my not my favourite anymore yarns.  Quite often, my mind changes.  Am I fickle? maybe.


copied from the website:

Whether you knit, crochet, craft or just adore fiber, October 14th is the day to affirm your passion for yarn.

Show it off, tag with it, carry it, gather with friends. Declare your LOVE! Get involved.

  • Create an I Love Day Yarn badge
  • Teach someone to knit or crochet
  • Do something for charity
  • Wear a knitted or crocheted item
  • Give a gift of yarn
  • Take your yarn to work day
  • Host a yarn-a-bration party
  • Knit, crochet and craft in public

This is very fitting, as I have just agreed to help out a High School Knitting Club.   It starts next Wednesday.  I am looking forward to spreading some Yarn Love.  Especially appealing is teaching a life long skill and hobby to a group of teens.  Knitting is something you can do for yourself, or even better, for some one else.

Once we get everyone knitting,  casting on and binding off,  I expect to see some real creativity.  I look forward to a fresh take on some scarves and hats,  as it will soon be cold enough  to NEED them.  A mug cozy is also on the to do list.  The school received donated yarn, so some charity knitting as well seems to be order.

I would like to hear from others who have taught knitting to teens,  what worked, what didn’t.

Uncommon Reader and the Uncommon Cat

so, here I was, trying to take an interesting picture of plain green 2/3 finished sweater, a bright red and very funny book (‘The Uncommon Reader’ by Alan Bennett) when along came a very uncommon AND funny cat, Pixie, to lend a hand paw.  Hmm,  this might be the start to a more interesting than usual Yarn Along post.

The sweater I have mentioned before, (its a secret) but the book is new to me, and my blog. Its one of the books I picked up at the last Book Crossing and coffee get together. The story is about what would happen if The Queen started, and got addicted to reading. Its cute, and a very fast read. (if only the sweater was a fast knit!)

While I was taking the picture… inside this time as it is pitch black outside now… Pixie meandered into the scene, moved the ball of yarn and sat down and posed. I kid you not. The cat wanted her picture taken.See for yourself.

I am not sure if she was more interested in the ball of yarn, or being at the center of attention…   either way, its funny.        Now, I am going to go back to reading,  and maybe knit another row or two on the sweater.   Don’t forget to check out Ginny’s  Yarn Along blog post, and follow the links to some of the other bloggers posts as well.

I just joined the  Work In Progress Wednesday group as well.  Please check them out here!

Glitter Penguin

Long story short, this I knit this sparkling golden penguin as part of a group penguin knitting project for the Zoo. I’ll share more details of the why, and how and when you can see the finished project. For now, just soak in all that sparkles.

Happy Thanksgiving! (and you thought I maybe there would be a knit Turkey!)

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Penguin pattern

Don’t tell anyone, but I was at a yarn shop today…

and, of course, I did not leave empty handed.

(and that is as far as the confession goes)

I will tell you that what I bought is soft, squeezy, and very pretty. (duh)

These are some soft and squeezy things I have made in the last little while (except for Charlie and Sophie, of course)

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I am joining in the Creative Friday blog hop. It looks like a lot of fun, with lots of beautifully creative blogs to investigate. Have a look!

Each Friday, I will make a special post just to share something creative I have made. (it should help use up the new yarn!)

Knitting a Sweater and Reading about Mittens

Winter is coming.

I can’t tell you too much about what I am knitting. It is a surprise for someone. I can tell you it is going to be soft, warm, and oh so very cozy. I can also tell you that cat hair sticks to it like crazy.

Last week, I picked up a pile of knitting books from the local library. I can devour patterns so much faster than I can actually knit them, but the pictures are pretty, and very motivational.

They taunt me. … keep knitting, don’t stop, don’t you want to make something pretty and colourful like these mittens? … oh, knitting dark green stockinette stitch again… still…. with 8 skeins more to go? … don’t you wan to knit something small and colourful like these mittens? … keep knitting… don’t stop….

I am going to finish this sweater before I cast on another project. I swear. I solemnly swear. MUST KEEP KNITTING.

Knitting: Green Sweater Reading 'Mostly Mittens'

This is my second post in the Ginny’s Yarn Along on the small things blog. Its fun to see who else is participating, what they are reading and knitting. I see Ginny is reading one of my all time favourite stories, ‘Howards End’

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