Giraffe and Dinosaur Graffiti?

Giraffe cozy

Dinosaur cozy

I would love to see these in person,  but that would involve a fast trip to Amsterdam.  (sounds like fun, doesn’t it?)

Clicking on the pictures takes you to the  Amsterdam Zoo website,  and you can read all about it.


Lemurs & yarn! (via sakurasnow)

I saw this blog post by  sakurasnow to a yarn bombing at the Amsterdam Zoo and had to share it with you.
(I think the picture of the Giraffe statue is the best of all!)

Lemurs & yarn! In need of a little head-clearing R&R (away from work demands & deadlines), I popped out to visit my delightful neighbours… … and found Artis has been well and truly yarn-bombed! If you’re in Amsterdam and fancy a bit of yarn and lemur action (and, frankly, who wouldn’t) the knitting remains in place at Artis until 16 March. … Read More

via sakurasnow